Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Separate Your Colors from Your Whites

What! . . . . No basic white at all!
7:35am Pacific Time

What My Cell Phones Do on Their Day Off

My personal and work cell phone just chilling out on
Kahala Beach on their day off.
7:05am Pacific Time

Out of Town Cell Phones

Friends of my cell phones visiting from out of town just enjoying
Kahala Beach on a beautiful sunny day.
6:56am Pacific Time

Low Tide at Kahala Beach

A silhouette of a fisherman with a net in hand seeking
little bait fish at low tide.

Good Morning Sunrise

The silent and peaceful ripple of the ocean welcoming the
early morning sunrise at Kahala Beach.
6:31am Pacific Time

A Bird and His Reflection

An unknown bird reflecting while in the Kahala Beach Canal.
7:20am Pacific Time
A Sandpiper and a friend.
7:24am Pacific Time

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dancing in the Morning

An early morning performance of " Dancing of the Sprinklers "
in Kapiolani Park.
7:45am Pacific Time

You Know You Are Not in Butte

You know you are not in Butte, Montana when you're driving
on the freeway and spot this bus.
8:45am Pacific Time


A yoga sighting in Kapiolani Park.
5:55pm Pacific Time

Monday, October 12, 2009

Groom chasing the bride . . . the photographer chasing the
groom and bride at Kapiolani Park as she races to
Waikiki Beach for the sunset.
5:36pm Pacific Time
Sunset at Waikiki Beach . . . a perfect time and place for a
newly wedded couple to be.
5:57pm Pacific Time
" Hold me tight and . . . never let me go ".
6:00pm Pacific Time

As a young couple at sunset . . . tossing a confetti of rose petals
in to the air to celebrate their marriage.
6:04pm Pacific Time
" You're my buddy . . . you're my pal . . . and I love you."
6:10pm Pacific Time

What could be greater than sunset at Waikiki Beach with the
person you'll spend the rest of your life with.
A kiss and a fond good bye to the sunset .
6:14pm Pacific Time

Friday, October 2, 2009

Cruise Ship Down the Street

The view of a cruise ship at the end of a street in downtown
Honolulu always fascinated me. It's been a while for me to
finally coordinate my efforts to have a cruise ship docked,
having a camera at hand and driving downtown before the
ship sailed away.
8:43am Pacific Time

Kahala Beach Sunrise

Sunrise at Kahala Beach in wee hours of the morning.
6:35am Pacific Time

Sunset & Lighthouse

Sunset in the shadows of Diamond Head Lighthouse.
6:14pm Pacific Time

Kite Boarder at Diamond Head

Kite Boarder on a blustery day at beach at the foot of
Diamond Head.
5:56pm Pacific Time