Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tah! Dah! An Ipod

I probably am the last person on planet earth to have an " Ipod".
I guess I can now be considered as . . . " Hip " . . . " Cool " . . . and
. . . and . . . Groovy?
11:59am Pacific Time

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Daily Walk

Honolulu's finest . . . tuesday and thursday's pickup in
Manoa Valley.
8:34am Pacific Time

Aloha! Sunset!

Until another day . . . we say a fond farewell to all the memories
and to live a day like " locals " to what they call their home.
6:10pm Pacific Time
A " Standup Paddleboarder " squeezing in the last few minutes
to the end of a day.
6:15pm Pacific Time
At the end of the day . . . such a beautiful sunset just reminds
all of us that all the detours of the day can easily be forgotten
and are so miniscule when the simple things in life is but a
footstep away.
6:14pm Pacific Time

My Daily Walk

With ripe tangerine's in the background . . . can you find which
papaya is the ripe one just in time to be picked.
8:16am Pacific Time

Good Morning Sunrise . . Hello World!

Sharing an early morning with the sunrise on Kahala Beach.
7:37am Pacific Time

Just relaxing with a " don't worry, be happy " kinda feeling
with the cold sand at your feet and chill in the air during an
early morning sunrise at Kahala Beach.
7:21am Pacific Time

As the early morning sunrise welcomes the day with a beautiful
blanket of clouds over Kahala Beach.
7:39am Pacific Time

You Know You are not in Chicago, Illinois

Vroo-om! Vroo-om! . . . You know you are in Hawaii when the dude
on his motorcycle is wearing " rubber slippers ", otherwise known in
other parts of the country as " flipflops".
8:51am Pacific Time

My Daily Walk

Hey! . . . Where is there the " Beware of Bunny Sign ".
8:08am Pacific Time

I'll bite you . . . cuz I am the . . . " wasscle, wittle wabbit".
8:08am Pacific Time

Low Tide at Kahala Beach

No one around at low tide during sunset at Kahala Beach.
5:49pm Pacific Time

A little girl appears at low tide on Kahala Beach.
5:49pm Pacific Time

Friday, January 15, 2010

End of a Wonderful Day

Just a couple in the distant and myself enjoying a beautiful sunset at
Queen's Surf Beach.
6:04pm Pacific Time
Seems like an orange ball balancing on the edge of the ocean at
Queen's Surf Beach at Sunset.
6:08pm Pacific Time

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Photographer + Wedding Couple + Great Photos

" Hi! Ho! . . . Hi! Ho! . . . off to take wedding photos we go! "
9:47am Pacific Time

" Grrr-rr-r! . . . @#$%&*! . . but there's sand in my shoes. "
9:47am Pacific Time

" Please don't get the freighter in the distance in the shot. "
9:49am Pacific Time

What every married couple dreams of.
9:49am Pacific Time
" We came . . . we saw . . . we took photos . . . now is it . . . cash
. . . check . . . or by credit card.
9:50am Pacific Time
. . . " at least the family and friends from back home will be
impressed with our wedding photos. "
9:51am Pacific Time

Unique Gifts from the Islands

The highly treasured and sought after " Niihau Shell Necklace "
made by local craftsmen on display and for sale in the lobby of the
Kaimana Beach Hotel.
9:22am Pacific Time
Puka Shell Necklaces on display and for sale by a local artisan in the
lobby of Kaimana Beach Hotel.
9:22am Pacific Time
What a difference it makes when a puka shell necklace is worn
rather than just seeing it on a display table.
9:34am Pacific Time

Indoor Sunscreen

Three windows of Kaimana Beach.
8:25pm Pacific Time

A view of palm trees . . . sand . . ocean . . . blue skies and
beautiful white clouds during breakfast at the
Kaimana Beach Hotel.
8:29am Pacific Time

Local Girl from Geneva, Switzerland

My Daughter's visit from Geneva, Switzerland takes us to Kaimana
Beach for some relaxing . . . sun . . . and . . sand in between our toes.
12:48pm Pacific Time

Cruisin for a Sunset

Sunset Cruise scenic off of Kewalo Waterfront Park.
6:00pm Pacific Time

Pray for Rain

While driving, happened to see this in a driveway . . . . could this
perhaps be lost statue of the the " God's of the Rain " . . .
5:26pm Pacific Time

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Peace & Quiet at Kaimana Beach

.. . a book . . . sand at your feet . . blue skies . . a blanket of clouds
. . . the sun . . . the ocean . . . salt air . . . what more could a man want ?
1:01pm Pacific Time
. . . . perhaps a cell phone call from a friend!
1:32pm Pacific Time

The Marching of the Flowers

Three vases of flowers on parade.
8:13pm Pacific Time

A Solitary Hand in Waiting

A hand on a table top at the " Olive Tree " in Kahala.
5:22pm Pacific Time

Both hands on a table top in the " Olive Tree Restaurant " in Kahala,
anxiously waiting for an order of " Slouvaki Chicken ".
5:23pm Pacific Time

The End of a Beautiful Day

One of the pleasures of living in Hawaii . . . just a few minutes
drive to enjoy a beautiful sunset at Kewalo Waterfront Park.
6:04pm Pacific Time
As the sunset slowly dips into the horizon at Kewalo Waterfront Park.
6:04pm Pacific Time

Moon Over Manoa

A full moon peers over Manoa Elementary School in Manoa Valley.
8:52pm Pacific Time

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Waikiki Beach Fireworks New Year's 2010

A few of my closest friends watching the fireworks at Waikiki Beach
New Years 2010
12:10pm Pacific Time

New Year's Fireworks Waikiki Beach 2010

An intimate moment with a few hundred of my closest
friends watching the fireworks off of Waikiki Beach New Years 2010.
12:08pm Pacific Time
Reflection of red on the waters off Waikiki Beach during the
fireworks at New Years 2010.
12:09am Pacific Time

New Year's Eve with the " Dude " at Hy's Steak House

The portrait of the " Dude " at Hy's Steak House which I could
never find the name of at New Year's Eve . . . I even happened
to work there at one time.
11:03pm Pacific Time

New Year's Eve Dessert

Yes! . . that's Cherries Jubilee done at tableside at Hy' Steak House
during New Year's Eve,
10:41pm Pacific Time

Yummy Dessert

Eenie . . Meenie . . Mynee . . Mo . . which yokan or kanten
should I pick up at Shirokiya Ala Moana Center.
7:06pm Pacific Time

Palm Trees at Night

Silhouette of palm trees along the lighted Kewalo Waterfront Park.
6:25pm Pacific Time

Fascinating Cloug Sighting

Fascinating blanket of clouds just after sunset at Kewalo Waterfront Park.
6:19pm Pacific Time

Koi Sighting

Big Koi in pond at Ala Moana Center fronting Assagio Restaurant.
5:07pm Pacific Time

Sunset at La Mariana

Sunset at La Mariana at Sand Island.
5:59pm Pacific Time