Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just Call Me a Tourist"

So . . . I had gotten lost and drove to the wrong location but was redirected via a cell phone call to the office manager at the office for the horseback riding tour. I finally stopped and parked in a dirt area and called her on my cell phone again saying . . " I followed the signs and am presently parked in a dirt area but I cannot find your office " . . The office manager then says, " I can see that you are parked directly in front of my office . . it's the blacksmith's shack " . . . I then responded to tell her that I was looking and expecting a regular office builiding and a paved parking lot". 
I guess today I can be referred to as a, " tourist ".

10:25am Pacific Time

Such a Cool Office

This is such a cool office while it was actuallyonce a blacksmith's
shed at one time
10:26am Pacific Time

This is Where the Adventure Begins

Well, I guess this could be the right place for us to checkin
for our horseback riding tour because it is not abandoned
but seem occupied afterall.
10:36am Pacific Time

Which Horse Do I Want to Pick to Ride?

I wonder if we get to pick the horses we want to ride. You know
I was thinking . . . . I'll pass on the horse named " Thunderbolt " . . and
settle for the horse named. " Old Betsy ".
10:26am Pacific Time

Barn and Lush Green Rolling Hills

In the distant you can see what must be the barn and the
green lush rolling hills of Kamuela on the Big Island of Hawaii
10:27am Pacific Time

Friday, November 26, 2010

Must Have More Than Their Share of Rain

I guess the town of Kamuela on the Big Island of Hawaii must
have more than their share of rain during the course of the
year which makes great weather for ranchers.
10:27am Pacific Time

Incredible Atmosphere

Of course the main attraction of the day is horseback riding tour
of Parker Ranch but the atmosphere on the property is incredible.
10:27am Pacific Time

Simple Things in Life

Who says the finer things in life can't be . . . some as simple
as some green pasture . . . ranch style fences . . . a couple of
trees and a blanket of clouds.
10:28am Pacific Time

What A Beautiful Sight

What a beautiful sight on Parker Ranch as we are about to
checkin for our horseback riding tour around the property.
10:28am Pacific Time

Hope the Weather is Fine . . or What the Heck!

I guess we'll definitely go horseback riding rain or shine
as the yellow raincoats is on display.
10:30am Pacific Time

Just the Western Type of Look

The blacksmith's shack where you report for your horseback
riding tour of Parker Ranch has the typical western look with
a skull and horn of a steern hanging from the rafters.
10:31am Pacific Time

I Feel Better Already

There is no traffic . . . no crowds . . . no big buildings . . . I feel
it was a great decision to spoil myself and go on this 2 hour
horseback riding tour of the Parker Ranch at Kamuela on the
Big Island of Hawai.
9:38am Pacific Time

They Don't Build Them Like They Used To

Can you imagine this entire rock wall was built by hand and
till today it seems solid through the test of time.
9:39am Pacific Time

I'll Forever Remember This Moment

I can already tell that this is going to be a wonderful that I will
remember for a long time . . . especially when I go back to work
. . . with the long hours . . . at time chaotic . . . skipping lunch just
to complete a project. So . . take a deep breath . . . close your eyes
for a few seconds . . . and enjoy the ride. Yahoo!
9:39am Pacific Time

We Were Absolutely Spoiled

We were absolutely so lucky that day because there was no
other groups on the horseriding tour through Parker Ranch
and it seems like a private tour with the one on one attention
given to us. Mahalo!
9:40am Pacific Time

Say It Over and Over . . . I Am " Cool "

I'll just pretend to act " cool " and not let the other horses
know I am a little hesitant as I am about to pass by them.
9:41am Pacific Time

A Little History of the Parker Ranch

I listen intently as the history of the Parker Ranch is shared
with me while bein aware of every single detail and moment
surrounding me.
9:40am Pacific Time

What a Beautiful Sight

I can't believe the real life experience of casually riding a horse
and coming upon 2 horses along the trails.
9:40am Pacific Time

I Have My Eyes on You

As we pass by this lone horse above us . . . it appears we've
been watched upon and the posture of the horse reminding
us that this is " his turf ".
9:40am Pacific time

Hope the Horses Behave Themselves

As we approach some horses . . . I hope none of them decide
to get frisky while I keep one eye on the horses and the other
eye of the scenic breathtaking view of the rolling green hills.
9:41am Pacific Time

Yahoo! A Roundup . . . . Perhaps?

Could it possibly be . . . that . . . that . . . that I would have
my first experience in what yall call a " roundup".
9:42am Pacific Time

Shhh-hh-h! . . . Please Don't Say " Stampede "

Uh! Oh! . . . There is some cattle ahead . . . I . . . I . . . I hope
that they don't notice I am not an experienced " Cowgirl " but
just some tourist type seeking adventure. I hope the word
" stampede " doesn't come to mind to all those cattle.
9:43am Pacific Time

"Be in the Moment" or "Be Present"

In a few more minutes we will soon be back at the ranch and
it doesn't even seem like I have actually been riding a horse
for the last 2 hours. I will truly miss this experience with the chill in
the air . . .the green pasture and rolling hills . . . the wide open
space that goes on and on and on forever . . . even simple things
like the ranch style fences . . . the yoga inspired saying,
" Be in the moment " or " Be present " . . . is always in my thoughts.
9:49am Pacific Time

As We Bid a Fond Aloha

I guess we can close our eyes . . . sort of pretend that this is
the end of the round up and we are heading back to the
ranch. This is absolutely the highlight of my vacation spending
2 hours horseback riding on the Parker Ranch. If you ever consider
making a trip to Kamuela on the Big Island of Hawaii your journey
should take you horseback riding on the Parker Ranch.
Aloha! . . . and Happy Trails!
10:02am Pacific Time

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Whoo! Oceanfront Room

Yeah! The view from my ocean front hotel room is not too
shabby, huh!
1:21pm Pacific Time

From the Privacy of My Balcony

I get the chance to watch the dolphins from the privacy of
my hotel room balcony.
2:22pm Pacific Time

Front Row Seats

As a dolphin entertains all the spectators, I am lucky to have
a front row seat from the balcony of my 4th floor room.
2:37pm Pacific Time

Oriental Statues

As I look down from my 4th floor hotel room I can see
3 oriental type statues.
2:29pm Pacific Time

I Can See the Buddha Statue at Buddha Point

From my hotel room if you squint really good you can see the
Buddha Statue at Buddha Point.
2:40pm Pacific Time

A Close Up View of Dolphins

Yeah! . . . It doesn't get any better than having your hotel room
at the Hilton Waikoloa Village overlooking dolphins performing.
2:41pm Pacific Time

Friday, November 19, 2010

Wanna Ride !

One of the source of transportation or entertainment at the
Hiloton Waikoloa Village is this cool vintage type of boat.
3:19pm Pacific Time

A View From My Front Door

Just what it looks like with a view from the front door of our
4th floor room overlook the waterway, the little island with
palm trees and trellise of the boat dock.
3:24pm Pacific time

I Can Hear the Sounds of the Waterfall

Sometimes just seeing a waterfall at pool side is not enough . . .
one needs to close their eyes and simply listen to the soothing sounds
of the waterfall.
3:42pm Pacific Time

The Mini One or the Bigger One

I can't decide whether I would want to swim under the
mini waterfall or the bigger one.
3:42pm Pacific Time

A Tourist - Like Moment

Obviously an endless swimming pool . . . palm trees . . . and
a rope bridge is a picture taking moment for a tourist. I guess
today I can declare myself as a " tourist ".
3:43pm Pacific Time

A View From the Grotto

A peek from under the grotto.
3:46pm Pacific Time

Yes! I Am On A Vacation !

I must be on a vacation because I am taking photos of something
as simple as a swimming pool, huh.
4:19pm Pacific Time

Should I Walk Over It or Swim Under It

An actual rope bridge hangs over the swimming pool at the
Hilton Wakoloa Village.
4:20pm Pacific Time

Waterfall and Grotto

A waterfall and grotto by the swimming pool at the
Hilton Waikoloa Village.
4:21pm Pacific Time

Waterslide Poolside

A waterslide for fun and entertainment at poolside.
4:41pm Pacific Time

A Tortoise No Less . . .

Okay . . . Okay . . . Okay . . . So there is a tortoise at the
Hilton Waikoloa Village. Perhaps it also taking a vacation or
simply part of an animal collection on property.
4:49pm Pacific Time

No Crowd in Sight

An opportunity to relax at pool side in the morning withtihout any
crowds around.
9:22am Pacific Time

Rope Bridge

A rope type bridge takes you over the swimming pool to
promenade ocean side.
9:22am Pacific Time

Before the Crowds Arrive

A beautiful sight of the swimming pool in the morning before
the crowds arrive.
9:24am Pacific Time

Don't Know Where to Sit

I don't know where to sit . . . should I sit on the first row . . .
should I sit by that little bridge . . or should I sit closer
to the ocean ?

Pool Chairs Anyone ?

So many vacant pool chairs in the morning . . . I guess alot of
the hotel guests are sleeping in or traveling on the road in search
of tourist sights and scenes.
9:24am Pacific Time

Pinch Me ! . . . I Must be on a Vacation !

What can be said about a swimming pool . . . a waterfall . . .
and palm trees . . . I must be on a vacation!
9:24am Pacific Time

Rope Bridge

A rope type bridge that is stretched over the swimming pool
leads you to the walkway along the hotel and ocean.
9:24am Pacific Time

A Boy & His Koi Statue

A boy and his koi fish is one of many, many statues that is
placed around and along the Hilton Waikoloa Village property.
9:21am Pacific Time

White Coral & Reefs on the Beach

The beach front is surrounded with white coral and reefs.
9:25am Pacific Time