Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Getting Ready for the 4th of July

I guess they are taking out the " Big Guns " in preparation for
the ' 4th of July Fireworks " display at Magic Island.
7:12pm Pacific Time

Canoe Paddlers Just Before Sunset

Canoe Paddles sprint just before sunset to squeeze in a few more
practice sessions while there is sun light.
7:00pm Pacific Time

Yoo! Hoo! . . . Paparazzi's !

The " Kahala Mandarin Hotel " . . . the hotels of stars and celebrities.
8:48am Pacific time

Drama on the Beach

A cargo net washed ashore from a recent shipwreck on
Kahala Beach. So . . . so . . . so . . . I might be a little dramatic.
8:53am Pacific Time

Exclusive Black Point

Kahala Beach in the morning with the clusters of homes
on the excluseive area of " Blackpoint ".
8:37am Pacific Time

I Am So Lonely . . . I Wish I Had A Friend

I just met someone on an early morning walk on Kahala Beach.
Now my new friend . . . " Nalu ".
8:42am Pacific Time

Makeover or Extreme Makeover ?

The moored sampan at Kewalo Basin called the " Kula Kai "
needs a ' makeover ' . . . what do you think ?
12:23pm Pacific Time

Monday, June 28, 2010

Kakaako Waterfront Park Surf

A race among surfers as to who has bragging rights for the day.
12:27pm Pacific Time

Who Cares if I Don't Catch Anything

A fisherman doing want he enjoys the most on an early morning
at Kahala Beach.
6:54am Pacific Time

Early Morning Sunrise Kahala Beach

A ray of sun appears from the clouds on the water of
Kahala Beach.
6:41am Pacific Beach

Leaving on a Jet Plane . . . Duh!

Why fly . . leave . . take a trip away . . when you can surf
anywhere on the islands and any time . . . life is great !
12:29pm Pacific Time

Surfer Girl at Kakaako Waterfront Park

Surfer Girl paddles home after a day of surfing.
12:22pm Pacific Time

Who Cares if it is a Bit Hazy

If it was a clear day . . . you could see forever.
6:32am Pacific Time

Beautiful But a Bit of a Haze

Kaneohe Town . . . a breath taking but hazy view of the
windward side of the islands.
10:58am Pacific Time

A Hazy Kind of Day

A bit hazy but . . . from the Nuuanu " Pali Lookout " is the
scenic windward side with " Chinamen's Hat " Island.
11:00am Pacific Time

A Picturesque Drive on a Hazy Day

A view from the Pali " Lookout " . . . a bit hazy but . . . but . .
but . . . the H3 Freeway beckons.
10:55am Pacific Time

What Beckons Beyond the Front Door

An early morning at Kewalo Basin Park brings out a container ship,
a " tako " fisherman and a lady checking out all the activity in the ocean.
6:31am Pacific Time

Peek A Boo

The morning is still early at low tide which is an ideal time
for tracking " tako " Japanese word for " octopus ". He has
a 3 prong spear in one hand and a stick in the other to lift
up the rock for the elusive " tako ".
6:32am Pacific Time

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Moment to Cherish

" The migratory habits of the early morning ' Surfers March '
as pods of surfers march in a single file in search of a wave.
5:37am Pacific Time

Shhh-hh-h . . . Be Quiet !

" I must be quiet as I hide in the shrubbery, down wind and
holding my breath as I secretly photograph a rare moment
to witness the pods of surfers in search of a wave.
5:38am Pacific Time

National Geographic Moment

This is what I consider a, ' National Geographic Moment '
with camera in hand and a moment to photograph the,
' Surfer's March ' not witnessed but by a few people ".
6:03am Pacific Time

A Ritual to Behold

" As like in ' National Geographics the March of the Penguins ',
the pods of surfers instinctively are drawn to he best surfing
spots in the world ".
6:03am Pacific Time

Huff and Puff

" As pods of surfers forge on like the ' March of the Penguins '
. . . there is always a little straggler left behind crying out . . .
Mommy! Mommy! . . . Wait for me ! "
5:59am Pacific time

Hi Ho! . . . Hi Ho!

" Step by step . . . the surfer pods carefully walk the reefs at
low tide stepping in between the jaggd rocks, the holes in the
reef and even spiny sea urchins ".
6:18am Pacific Time

Early to Bed . . . Early to Rise

" Early in the morning before throngs of beachgoers flock to
the beach, fighting for parking spaces . . . surfers sneak into
the ocean . . . trek along the reefs at low tide then disappear
into the ocean in search of a wave to surf ".
5:56am Pacific Time

Family and Tradition

" The ritual of the early morning surfer in search of a wave
with their choreographed - like march is a tradition that is
past down from family to family from generation to generation ".
5:37am Pacific Time

Where Did He Learn to Surf?

" Surfers at a young age have been taught to recognize what
types of waves look for and how to surf before they could
barely walk ". " The first words out of thier mouths was not
Mama or Dada . . . but . . . but . . . but . . . Cowabunga . . . .
Awesome Dude . . . or Surfs Up ".
5:40am Pacific Time

How's the Water ?

" They are trained from the day they are born . . . they never
say, Yikes Mama the waters too cold, can I wait till the sun
comes out !" " In their minds it is instilled them at a young
age to think and say, Tis not hot . . . Tis not cold . . but just right.
6:14am Pacific Time

He Ain't Little . . . He's My Brother

" It's tough being the youngest and smallest surfer amongst
the adult surfers, but . . . but . . . but . . . I try to keep up
to be the best I can be ".
5:59am Pacific Time

Whaddssuuup! Dude!

" As surfers continue their early morning search of a wave,
a lone surfer returns in the opposite direction ". " There is an
exchange, Where is the surf ? . . . a reply with a big smile
and shrugs his shoulders, I dunno . . . the unspoken word,
always be secretive ".
6:37am Pacific Time

Lucky You Live Hawaii

" At the end of an early morning, a long day in search of the
ultimate wave, a surfer knows what's next ". " Surfer Dude is
taking a trip to a local lunch wagon to pick up his favorite
Mixed Plate Lunch . . . a reminder of a bumper sticker that
6:23am Pacific Time

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Good Morning Ala Moana Beach

The still calmness of the waters of Ala Moana Beach in the
early morning as Diamond Head is about to greet the sunrise.
5:28am Pacific Time

An Intersection Light Show

Streaking lights on the corner of Keeaumoku and King Street.
7:38pm Pacific Time

Can't Find the Surfer !

What surfer ?
12:29pm Pacific Time

Piece of Cake . . . Dude!

Yahoo! . . . Cowabunga Dude !
12:20pm Pacific Time

Should I or Shouldn't I ?

Surfer on top of a wave uncertain whether to ride it or bail it.
12:02am Pacific Time

Surfer's at Play

Surfers at play with Diamond Head in the background.
11:58am Pacific Time

Could it Possibly Be Low Tide?

What makes you think it is low tide at Ala Moana Beach Park.
5:57am Pacific Time

Everyone's Woken Up

It's no secret . . . everyone's up and the beachgoer's begin to
trickle to Ala Moana Beach Park.
5:43am Pacific Time

Peace and Quiet . . . Serenity

Peace and quiet . . . serenity in the wee hours of the morning.
5:14am Pacific time

Early Morning and All is Well.

It's early morning at Ala Moana Beach Park and all is well.
5:09am Pacific Time

Early Morning at Ala Moana Beach Park

It's early in the morning at Ala Moana Beach Park glittered
with the skyline of Waikiki.
4:51am Pacific Time

Manoa Valley Rains

Beads of water from Manoa Rain clings to the Monsterria Leaves.
9:50am Pacific Time

Heavy Equipment in Manoa Valley

Gentlemen ! . . . Start your engines . . . it's road paving time
in Manoa Valley.
8:49am Pacific Time

Friday, June 25, 2010

Taking Care of Business !

Cars zip by . . . who cares . . . huff and puff . . . I only have
25 minutes to go.
8:38pm Pacific Time

Surfer Girlfriends

Surfer girlfriends call it a day after an awesome day of surfing.
12:37pm Pacific Time

Kewalo Basin Park

Lush greenery surrounds the Kewalo Basin Park.
12:36pm Pacific Time

A gazebo under construction at the Kewalo Basin Park.
12:33pm Pacific Time
Stroll along the promenade of Kewalo Basin Park with the
popular John Dominis Retaurant in the distant.
12:31pm Pacific Time
Check out the Ala Moana Beach . . . Magic Island and Diamond Head.
12:15pm Pacific Time