Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You Know You are Not in Jasper, Wyoming

You know you are not in Jasper, Wyoming when you see a
Robert's Hawaii tour bus.
9:08am Pacific Time

You Know You Are in Hawaii

You know that you are in Hawaii at the Honolulu International
Airport when you see the Hawaiian Airlines planes.
3:16pm Pacific Time

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Participants in the St. Patrick's Day Parade through Waikiki,
the United States Marine Corp Marching Band from
Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Base.
12:48pm Pacific Time

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Wine List . . . Perhaps!

Yeah! . . . I guess you can say . . . I happen to enjoy a nice
glass of wine . . . now and then, huh!
1:47pm Pacific Time

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Traffic Before Surf

Who ever said you can't transport your surfboard on a moped.
10:15am Pacific Time

Long Line at Kapiolani Park

What is going only with the long line of people?
9:41am Pacific Time
I came upon this open market in the midst of my daily walk around
Kapiolani Park. Funny thing happened . . . I stood there for a period
time with a bunch of " choi sum " in my hand with absolutely no
salesclerk talking to me or collecting the visible money. Then an
elderly woman knew I was impatient and nudged me . . . it was
10:45am when she told me they can't sell and collect money till
11:00am when the whistle blows . . . of course that finally
answered it all . . . duh!
9:44am Pacific time

Honolulu's Finest Visible

Two of " Honolulu's Finest " at curbside between Kapiolani Park
and Waikiki Beach.
9:34am Pacific Time

An Aerobics Performance at the Bandstand

A group of Mothers bond and gather together with their
daily " aerobic classes " at the Kapiolani Bandstand as their
children in their strollers watch and one Father dances to the beat.
9:31am Pacific Time

Tai Chi Bird Moves

Kapiolani Park is a scene of an " Egret " observing the
morning " Tai Chi Group " performing all of his bird moves
and poses.
9:16am Pacific Time

Banyan Tree Pathway

A banyan tree at Kapiolani Park with comfortable shaded pathway.
9:13am Pacific Time

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crescent Moon Over Manoa Valley

In the wee hours of the early mornng in Manoa Valley
a " Crescent Moon " is about to dip behind the mountains.
6:37am Pacific Time

My Daily Walk

Could this be an " Environmentally Friendly Mailbox " . . .
7:45am Pacific Time