Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You Ain't Seen Nothing Like It

You've never seen " Diamond Head " like this before.
7:35pm Pacific time

The Attraction of the Evening

The skyline of Waikiki . . . the silhouette of Diamond Head
and campers to the right.
7:53pm Pacific Time

Welcome to the Ocean Front View

There are no longer the grass shacks but hotels lines the
ocean front off the waters from Magic Island.
7:33pm Pacific Time

After the Sunset

With all the beach goers gone at the end of the day, the beauty
of Magic Island after sunset is breath taking.
7:46pm Pacific Time

Moon Over Magic Island

A crescent moon overhead at Magic Island.
8:16pm Pacific Time

Harbor Lights

Waikiki Boat Harbor with glittering lights decorating the water.
8:25pm Pacific Time

Thoughts of Sunset

A gallery of people during sunset at Magic Island.
7:09pm Pacific Time

Newlywed Couple and Strangers

Everyone one gathers during sunset . . . a photographer taking
photos of a newlywed couple with onlookers and sunset seekers.
along side.
7:07pm Pacific time

The Magic of a Sunset

What can be more beautiful than . . . a newlywed couple . . .
sunset at Magic Island . . . and a ship in waiting.
7:06pm Pacific Time

Psss-ss-st! . . . Just the Two of Us

Ala Moana Beach and " Paddle Boarders " getting an early morning
jump start before there is traffic.
5:54am Pacific time

Good Morning Sandy Beach

What a welcome sight to greet the morning sunrise at Sandy Beach.
5:59am Pacific Time

An Early Morning Along Sandy Beach

" I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean,
whenever one door closes I hope one more opens. Promise me
that you'll have faith a fighting chance, and when you get the
chance to sit out or dance, I hope you dance.
Lee Ann Womack . . I hope you dance.
5:54am Pacific Time

A Walk Along the Water's Edge

" Grief is like the ocean; it comes in waves ebbing and flowing.
Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming.
All we can do is swim. "
Vicki Harrison
5:54am Pacific Time

Cloud & the Sea

To open your eyes and see the sky is not enough. To open your
eyes is still not enough. For only if you open your mind will you
hear the clouds whispering love's sweetest song and dancing
together across the sea.
11:49am Pacific Time

Mommy! Buy Me That Car.

Go ask Daddy ! . . I can't believe it . . . they're now even making
these little cars for children.
10:54am Pacific Time

" Eenie "

But . . . But . . . But . . . the yellow one draws too much attention.
10:55am Pacific Time

" Minee "

Maybe . . . Maybe . . . Maybe . . . the silver one.
10:55am Pacific Time

" Miney "

Could . . . Could . . . Could . . . it be the blue one.
10:55am Pacific Time

" Mo "

Should . . . Should . . . Should . . . I get the red one.
10:56am Pacific Time
Hmmm-mm-m . . . Maybe I should get the white one.
10:56am Pacific Time

A Sandy Beach Rainbow

A early morning rainbow at Sandy Beach.
6:06am Pacific Time

Not Brownville, Texas

You know you are not in " Brownsville, Texas " when you see
a delivery truck with the " Aloha Water ".
11:29am Pacific Time

Friday, July 2, 2010

A Pair of Orchids

Orchids thrive in the ideal climate that Hawaii offers.
8:48am Pacific Time

Andy's in Manoa Valley

Whenever Lauren makes a visit from Geneva, Switzerland
she makes it a point to visit one of her many joys in Hawaii,
" Andy's " in Manoa Valley.
8:02am Pacific Time

See It . . . Smell It . . . Wear It !

The beautiful fragrant " Plumeria " flower popular to Hawaii,
worn behind the ear, on hair or strewn to create the iconic
" Hawaiian Lei ".
7:19am Pacific Time

And . . . What is the Price of Your Gas?

" Tanabe Service " in Manoa Valley selling . . . Regular . . .
Plus . . . Premium . . .
6:40am Pacific Time